Reservations can be made on the day.
Please call the store directly.
You can make changes at the time of your visit, but if you know this in advance, please let us know.
Until the day before the reservation -> No cancellation fee
On the day of reservation -> full amount
In the unlikely event that your kimono gets dirty or damaged due to an unexpected accident, we offer peace of mind compensation for 500 yen per person. It also includes the maintenance fee for your kimono, so please subscribe.


About 1 to 1.5 hours for 1-2 people
Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for 2-3 people
Time to take photos at our photo spot
The time may vary depending on the time you choose your kimono coordination, the crowd situation, and the type of hair style.
If you have a next appointment, please make your reservation and visit us with plenty of time.
If the reservation site states that your visit time is between 10:00 and 11:00, please come to the reception desk at 10:00 instead of arriving between 10:00 and 11:00.
You can choose a kimono with your companion, but if it is crowded, you will be asked to wait outside.
We do not rent masks. Please feel free to take photos at our photo spot.
Although there is no specific requirement, you can easily change your clothes by wearing an inner layer (camisole, heat tech, etc.).
Also, when bringing tippets and scarves, it would be a good idea to bring one with a plain color that matches your kimono.
We do not allow anyone who is over 7 months pregnant to wear the kimono. Please check with your doctor even if it is within 6 months.
Please be sure to inform the dressing staff that you are pregnant.
Please contact us in advance as there are very few children's size kimonos and yukatas available.
We also rent yukata during the summer.
We also rent hakama from September to May, and furisode from January to February.
Women's kimonos are available in sizes S to L.
Men's kimono sizes range from M to 3L.
We prepared it.
We do not provide hair styling for men. Please complete this in advance before coming to the store.
There is no problem if you roll it yourself.
However, if you use sprays, oils, wax, etc., you won't be able to use a curling iron or iron, so if you wish to have your hair styled, please come without applying any hair.
The extension fee is ¥1,800/person for 1 hour.
The next day return fee is ¥2,500/person per day.
Please have your ID ready. We do not accept returns by mail.
Our store can store your luggage.
However, please take care of your own valuables, branded items, precision electronic equipment, etc.
Our store is not responsible for any scratches, dirt, damage, loss, or theft.
If you are concerned about the above, please leave your luggage in a locker etc. in advance.
You are welcome to come and view the facility before using it.
Customers from overseas can also use it!
We can respond to Japanese and English. Please note that information posted in the store is only in Japanese.


Store business hours9:00~20:00
Phone number +81-(0)50-3612-8314
Until20:00regardless of the reservation time
Payment methods are cash, credit card, and PayPay.